SamurAi Dao is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for a reason
Samurai strongly emphasizes building a community and cultivating a loyal user base through organic means. Its smart contract is designed to incentivize traders with 24 Samurai per day based on their hourly trading volume, "specifically buys." The contract identifies the highest volume buyer within an hour as the "Samurai," Subsequently, trades generate ETH profits automatically deposited into the Samurai wallet.
This mechanism operates autonomously, functioning as a DAO that rewards traders without centralized intervention.
Samurai offers a unique opportunity for investors to become part of the protocol by sharing in the 3% sell fees that other protocols typically take. However, Samurai's approach is more equitable and decentralized in that these fees are distributed to the community. To encourage high trading volume and competition for the "Hourly Samurai" title, the buy fee has been set to 0%, while the selling fee remains at 3%.
Furthermore, the protocol will use voting to change the 60 mins, which is by default the Samurai timer, to let the community decide the number of samurai per day and how long each Samurai will remain to collect the ETH fees.